I posted two new tracks, "Soft Power" and "Union Square," on July 16 on Bandcamp, SoundCloud and Free Music Archive. I'm grateful that since then they've been listened to and/or downloaded over 3,000 times (mostly via FMA). I've gained a few new email addresses and some appreciative comments from listeners, too, which is fantastic.

Both tracks are available to listen to here on this page. If you like them, please send them to a friend, or mention them on FB or Twitter, or review them, or any other thing you'd like to do. Word of mouth is crucial, and I'd love for these two pieces to get as much exposure as possible.

As to what's next: I hope this doesn't seem anticlimactic, but the rest of the project is going up on the shelf for a few months, until I finish working on Philip Lynch's debut album. As you may know, Philip and I have been working on this for years. He's a gifted songwriter, guitarist and singer, and the album will consist of some 15 or so of his songs. I've been producing, recording, and playing on the tracks, so if you have enjoyed the more recent stuff I've put out (i.e. more rock than experimental) you might really like this music too.

Six of the tracks we've completed are posted on Philip's Bandcamp page. A seventh, "Inkblot" is here on this site. We plan to finish the remaining eight or so tracks in the coming months.

Cover Art

Soft Power b/w Union Square

Artist: James Beaudreau
Title: "Soft Power" and "Union Square"
Produced by James Beaudreau
James Beaudreau: all instruments
Recorded and mixed at Workbench Recordings, New York, NY by J. Beaudreau
Mastered by: Scott Hull at Masterdisk
Original Workbench Recordings Post Date: August 5, 2012